Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 11 - Day 1

So I just made this blog. Named it bahnkai because BAH is where i work and the -nkai is a play off of Bankai.

Today I start the rest of my life in as an employee in the "Real World" as many have so called it. I received my offer letter ages ago designating that I will be based in the McLean office of Booz Allen Hamilton but am to report to Herndon Office today for Orientation.

So I wake up around 6:45 AM. Khang is still sleeping so I try my best to get ready without turning the lights on. I'm wearing a blue dress shirt with a yellow tie, black dress slacks, and a black suit. I remember to gather all my important forms and head off to orientation.

The traffic on 495 at this time is.. well. .there's traffic since it is 7:30 at this time. I decide to take the Dulles Toll Road exit and pay the $1.25 worth of toll fees since it is the fastest way. At this time, there is no traffic in the direction of Reston which is a good sign.

I arrive at the BAH building a little after 8:00. My orientation was scheduled for 8:00am but it's only orientation. There's no need to arrive on time :)

Orientation consisted of FOUR hours of LECTURES (zomg zzzzz). Basically telling us how to do our timesheets and filling out forms and what not. WE were issued our badge today. WE ALSO did NOT know this... and thus WE did not have our hair looking perfect for the picture when the time came.

WE ALSO forgot to buy shampoo and conditioner since WE left it in Baltimore the day prior.


So I'm stuck with this picture on my badge until I can get a replacement badge sometime later.

So after Orientation, I'm "supposed" to meet with my point of contact who will take me to my office in McLean where I can get settled in.

This of course did not happen.

Instead of meeting with my manager whom I was supposed to meet, I instead meet with some guy who introduces himself to me as Eric. He takes me upstairs and tells me that I'll be working in the Herndon office and that my office has been set up already.

This all came as a surprise to me and in my head I'm just like (WTF!?!?!111)
I had really hoped to work in Mclean since the commute was closer and I actually know people in Mclean. But I figured, whatever, as long as I can be part of some nice projects and eventually get my CISSP.

So Eric takes me around to get all my admin stuff done and gives me a tour of the floor we're on and also to meet everyone on the team. (There's a lot of other new hires which I soon found out).

I also find my office and I only have to share it with one other person (who isn't even here right now) ((YAY!))

Anyways so I end up just chilling in my office and meeting my supervisors and principals and that concludes the rest of my day.

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