Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Google Voice!

So I just created a Google Voice account and started playing with the Voicemail to Text feature on it. My GVoice number is 571-969-5NAM. I had a couple of friends call in and leave a message and then see how well Google would transcribe it.

Here are the results:

- Falls Church, VA
10/20/09 12:21 PM 75 seconds ago

Hey, you should probably finish the P. P. S. For park today.

Actual: Hey, you should probably finish the TPS reports today.

10/20/09 12:12 PM 91 seconds ago

So if someone to love me and at if you can make a gray last week and next week to anything and I think that's and then mailing address. Clerk, Okay bye.

Actual: So someone told me that if guys can make a girl laugh, he can make her do anything..and i think that's a marilyn monroe quote. ok bye

10/20/09 12:12 PM 83 seconds ago

Hello. Hey.

Actual: Yo

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Awkward in the Kitchen

So I had prepared a meal for lunch today which consisted of spicy sausage and rice with soup and I was heating it up in the kitchen.
This lady walks by...

Lady: "Wow that smells really good."
Me: "Yeah, that's my sausage."
Lady: *looks in a downward direction*...
Me: "...(damnit...)"

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Smell of Awkward

So I was walking behind this guy into work today. I could catch a sort of whiff of some type of tropical fragrance from him. I couldn't make out what type of scent it was so I decided to walk faster so that I would move in closer to him and then I'd be able to smell it better. As I was walking faster, he decided to stop and bend down to tie his shoe. I ended up "bumping" into him in a very awkward way... :\